Executive Team

Diane Symms   -  Founder & President   

Entrepreneur, activist, and community leader, Diane Symms has been a restaurant owner for 45 years. Since 1987 she has owned and operated Lombardi’s Italian Restaurants, with current locations in Everett at the Marina and Mill Creek. She has been an active member of the Washington State Restaurant Association as president, board member, and chair of a number of committees. Symm’s many community affiliations include serving on the boards for the Everett Community College Foundation and Village Theatre, and prior to that she was the Board of Trustees director for the Northwest Center. Awards include the prestigious Nellie Cashman “Business Owner of the Year”, Restaurateur of the Year, Small Business of the Year, SBA SCORE Hero Award and the Retail Business Person of the Year. A recent survivor of breast cancer, Symms has two children and two grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, sailing, cooking and travel.

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Kerri Lonergan-Dreke   -  Proprietor & Vice President   

Kerri is a native of the Northwest & started working in the hospitality industry as a young teenager.  With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, her knowledge & experience are critical in many areas of restaurant operations.  From HR, to marketing, finance, & everything in between - Kerri knows - and does it all!   

Community involvement & support are a hallmark of Kerri’s business career. Big Brothers/ Big Sisters was Kerri’s first volunteer commitment after college.  She has participated on Chamber of Commerce boards, PTA & school auction committees, & served on the Lynnwood City Council from 2010- 2013. Kerri is currently a volunteer board member for Hopeworks (a Housing Hope affiliatate) the Northshore Schools Foundation & the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau.

Kerri loves the opportunity to share the best of Italian food & wine with guests and staff, and has since 1987. The hard work of operating a small business becomes that much more worthwhile every time a guest describes Lombardi’s as their favorite restaurant, or a staff member shares their pride in being a part of the Lombardi’s family.

Kerri’s favorite season in the Northwest is summer. Bring on the sunny skies & warm weather, especially at the Everett Marina!  She enjoys bicycle riding, hiking, boating, & sharing wine & food with her friends, family, & husband Mark.

Kristofer Korshaven   -   General Manager

Kris started out in the hospitality business like a lot of people do… he needed a job and his friends were working in the industry. He soon learned that he had a true passion for the business, was relentless in implementing the most effective operational measures, and most importantly, he enjoyed the interaction with his guests.  Kris considers himself lucky, because he discovered a long time ago that he is good at doing something he loves to do.

As Kris worked up the ranks of the restaurant industry, he became obsessed with learning all that he could about food & wine.  He loves to share his knowledge with his guests, his team, and basically anyone who will listen! With almost 20 years in the business, Kris’s expertise as a manager and a coach is recognized, appreciated and applauded by everyone who knows and works with him.  His efforts and passion are what brought him to the Lombardi’s team in 2007, and they are what makes him successful as a general manager, mentor, and leader today.

In his spare time Kris loves being a dad, likes to build things with his kids, and he is an avid supporter of our local sports teams.

Kristofer Korshaven General Manager Everett & Mill Creek

Andy Hilliard   -   Corporate Chef

Born in Bend, Oregon, Andy started his journey down the culinary path at 14 years old, working the cold station for a local fine dining restaurant.  It wasn’t long before he realized his love for cooking and creating.  He proceeded to excel above his industry peers and colleagues, landing lead kitchen positions by the age of 18.  Andy found his talents – and his passion – working with the gifted culinary ninjas at Bend’s historic Pine Tavern Restaurant.  His passion led him to learn the restaurant trade, lending his culinary skills when and where needed.  Andy was offered his first Sous Chef position when he was 21, working with an Executive Chef that molded his career and sharpened the edges of his ambition.  It was at this time that he opened his first two restaurants.  Following opportunity, Andy packed his bags and his skills, and headed south to work in fine dining restaurants in and around San Francisco.  He accepted his first Executive Chef job at this time, and went on to apply his expertise and experience in the opening of two additional new restaurants.  His culinary journey led him to Seattle & Lombardi’s, where he has led the charge in the kitchen since 2014.   Andy’s journey is far from over, as his dreams and ambitions of opening a restaurant of his own remain strong in his heart.

When out of the kitchen, Andy enjoys home brewing, fishing, hunting, and spending time with his girls. 

Everett team

Tiernan Lindsey   -   Dining Room Manager

A seasoned member of the hospitality industry, Tiernan is originally from Kansas City, MO.  He took his first restaurant job at a local pizza parlor at the age of 16. He quickly moved into serving and realized that he had a talent and a passion for it. He spent years honing his craft in a variety of establishments, from local bars to fine dining.  Tiernan moved to Seattle in 2008 after finishing his degree and deciding he didn’t want to live in the Mid-West for the rest of his life. He fell in love with the beauty that is the PNW and decided to make it his new home. He continued his career, learning even more at iconic Seattle restaurants like Ivar’s Salmon House. Tiernan decided that his skills and knowledge of the industry would be put to better use in a management capacity and moved into that role in 2013.

Seeking new challenges, Tiernan joins the Lombardi’s family in September 2017. He spends every day looking for ways to continue to improve the experience that we provide for every guest and the abilities of every member of his team. Bringing his passion with him every day, Tiernan is thrilled to be part of Lombardi’s in Everett.  Tiernan is an avid bowler, however, on a day trip to the coast, at the local dog park or simply relaxing at home with a movie, on his days off, he is most likely to be found with his two dogs, Izzy and Lance.


Andrew Jorden   -   Catering Manager

Meet Andrew, a young man with a dream of owning a bed and breakfast with his wife Lynda, who have been sweethearts since high school. Hospitality runs through Andrew’s family - and his blood. At 14 years old, he was bagging cookies and cleaning tables in hotels. But not for long.  He was soon promoted to server, allowing him to learn and master all the tricks of the business. From hotel life in Colorado, to Hawaiian cruise ships, to wilderness lodges in Alaska, his culinary experiences throughout the U.S expanded his knowledge and his passion for food, culture, and wine. He joined the Lombardi's' Team in 2011.  Fast forward to today, where as Banquet & Catering Manager, Andrew’s ultimate professional goal is to share the love of authentic Italian food with our neighbors and communities, bringing Lombardi's catering to a whole new level.

On a personal note, Andrew enjoys being outdoors, riding motorcycles, camping, and fishing.  And not many people know that he is also a master at making puzzles!

Casey Garcia -  Chef

Casey’s first job at 17, was in the grocery industry as a bag boy in Sacramento, CA. A short time later a position in the meat department opened and he secured it. This was the beginning of his love for food. Over the next 6 years he worked his way up to meat cutter, embracing as much information about cutting, preparing and cooking meat as he could.

Eventually the job of a meat cutter was too slow paced.  After jumping around a few different positions, he found himself in a cook position for the first time. His introduction to the “Orchestrated Chaos” of the kitchen.  This lit a fire inside him and he found his true passion. Within half a year he was promoted from cook to kitchen manager, he found himself leading the team and his passion grew.

Although he loved his position, Casey needed to get a change of pace and excitement. He signed up to work a summer on the wildfire line in CA, feeding firefighters and support crew. He worked 20 hour days for weeks on end feeding more than fifteen hundred people two meals a day.  Upon returning home Casey took his first sous chef position catering weddings for a year before finding a position as Lombardi’s in the summer of 2016. Once here he found a place full of colleagues whose love and passion for beautiful food not only matched his own, but pushed for him to grow.  He was promoted head chef of the Everett Lombardi’s in 2017.  

In his down time Casey loves to hike and camp, spend time with his wife and his two dogs, or enjoy any time out in the sun with a cold beer and a grill.


Caleb Samp -   Sous Chef

Caleb is a Snohomish County native and a father of two amazing young men.  Caleb’s passion for the culinary arts started over a decade ago, but made a reality in 2013 when Caleb graduated from Le Cordon Blue top of his class with a 4.0 G.P.A. and academic achievement awards. 

Caleb has been fortunate to work with some great chefs in his short career, such as celebrity Chef Wayne Johnson and 2004 Food and Wine's best new Chef Mat Wolf. Although his time with these great chefs, Caleb gives a lot of credit to Lombardi’s Corporate Chef Andy Hilliard for his time and effort in the development of his career since he started with Lombard's in 2014.

In Caleb's spare time he likes watching and rooting for both the Seattle Sounders and the Seattle Seahawks. He also loves spending any extra time with his children, cooking for family gatherings or just plain cooking!

Kelly Hilliard -   Supervisor

Kelly started her life’s journey in southern California. Her parents fell in love with the northwest and moved here at the age of six and she has been a resident of Snohomish county ever since. When she was sixteen years old she took a position at Lombardi’s Italian Restaurant in 2010 as a hostess and quickly grew to become a favorite among management. Her innate knack for the hospitality industry would continue her path of growth within the Lombardi’s Family. She grew from a hostess to a server, and at the young age of twenty-three she took an assistant manager position.  She continues to strive to create the best dining experience Lombardi’s has to offer.

                On her free time, she enjoys spending her free time with her fiancé and daughter enjoying the northwest’s great outdoors, fishing, hiking, and enjoying all that this wonderful community has to offer. Kelly would also be a bit of a makeup hobbyist cosmetologist, she enjoys doing make up for her friends and family for special occasions upon request.  When she is home, she relaxes with her favorite companions Oliver and Theo (her cats) and enjoys her favorite shows. Kelly also met her husband in the Lombardi’s Family, she recently become Mrs. Andy Hilliard on July 23rd, 2017.

Mill creek team


Rebecca Merriam -   Assistant General Manager

Becca found her love for people and leadership early in life. Growing up in a military family allowed her to learn how to effectively communicate with different groups of people on a regular basis. She quickly learned that her people skills would be of great value within the hospitality industry.

 While pursuing a Public Relations degree at Oklahoma State University, Rebecca took every chance she could to apply these skills within the workplace. From hosting in restaurants, to serving and catering, and on to management, she soaked up as much experience as possible.  She joined the Lombardi's team in 2016.

Now, Rebecca can’t imagine doing anything else. She finds great joy in mentoring and coaching staff daily. She feels as if her work is in service of others; Not only by providing great food, but lasting memories.

In her free time Becca loves to sip wine by the fire.

Jose Ortega   -   Chef

Jose joined the Lombardi’s team in January 2007 in the now closed Issaquah restaurant. Starting out as a line cook and getting training from the prior executive chef Matt Romeo.

When Lombardi’s of Issaquah closed in July of 2013, Jose decided to keep his talents in the Issaquah area. Although, he tried to work in other local restaurants Jose yearned for the atmosphere that Lombardi’s provided. Jose returned to Lombardi’s shortly thereafter in the Mill Creek location. He quickly moved into the Sous Chef role and made his way to the head chef position in 2016.

In Jose’s free time he loves to watch the Seahawks, hang out with family and take his children to visit Disneyland.


Zachary McCoy -   Assistant Manager

Zac has been in the hospitality industry for nearly twenty years. Having grown up in the area, Zac began his restaurant career in Lynnwood, WA before moving to Portland, OR where he resided for 16 years and worked at a variety of restaurants with a focus on the finer points of service.  

Zac's passion for the restaurant and hospitality industry carries over into his home life as well. He loves to cook and entertain friends and family, and more often than not, the theme is Italian! He can also be caught singing karaoke around town.

Having returned to where his career began, Zac is excited to be a member of the family at Lombardi's since early 2017 and hopes to bring a spirit of joy and passion along with him.  He loves serving the community and is so happy to be a part of the Mill Creek Lombardi's family.