Artist rendition of completed bridge spanning W. Marine View Drive

Artist rendition of completed bridge spanning W. Marine View Drive


The Grand Avenue Park Bridge will cross from the Grand Avenue Park bluff, near 16th Street, over Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad right-of-way, and State Route 529 with a landing point on Port of Everett property.
View the project area map (PDF).

The bridge will carry storm drainage and sewer pipelines across a steep slope, BNSF railroad tracks and West Marine View Drive. Deteriorated underground pipelines on the slope will be replaced. The bridge will also provide pedestrian access from Grand Avenue Park to the waterfront. The project also includes replacements of outfalls and a lift station force main along the waterfront from the bridge up to 14th Street.

Click on the LIVE camera feed from Lombardi’s rooftop for the latest view of the project.


  • Erection of the bridge is anticipated in Summer 2019. Timing is completely dependent on approval by the railroad of a track closure window for five railroad tracks. The requested time frame is July; the bridge cannot be erected before this requested time frame. It is not known if BNSF will approve the track closure for the requested time frame.

  • When the track closure window is provided from BNSF Railway, there will be additional communication about any road closures to accommodate the erection of the bridge.

  • Under the revised plan, the contractor will perform as much of the work as possible prior to the closure, while the roadway remains open to traffic. During the 10-day closure, the contractor will move the bridge to the lifting location in the road, install lifting towers and jacks around the bridge, lift the bridge to the installation elevationutilize multi-wheel transporters to place the bridge onto the abutments and remove the lifting towers.

  • During the lifting and transporting of the million pounds of steel, travel in and around the bridge work zone will require restrictions to protect the public. Public safety needs will drive the City’s review of the bridge erection sequence traffic control, while the City also attempts to mitigate traffic impacts to the maximum extent possible.

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