The restaurant industry undergoes significant shifts on a regular basis. The annual increases in the minimum wage exacerbates the total compensation gap between highly tipped service staff and non-tipped kitchen staff. Additionally, federal labor laws regulating tip sharing “pools” are in constant flux.

To ensure the highest level of service and food quality that our guests desire, we have been implementing a 5% service charge on all food and beverage sales since November of 2016. Our servers and bartenders no longer “tip out” to their support staff or the kitchen staff as was the historic practice in the industry. Our servers do not retain any part of the service charge. Instead, they retain 100% of any tip received. It is appropriate to consider the service charge when tipping your server or bartender.

Lombardi’s retains the 5% service charge to provide equitable compensation for the kitchen and support staff based on their hours worked and position.

If any aspect of your dining experience was not up to your standard, simply ask a manager for a refund of the service charge. 

We appreciate your patronage and support of local restaurants!


Diane Symms                                          Kerri Lonergan-Dreke
   Founder/CEO                                      Proprietor/Vice President