Celebrate Washington White Wines

    The month of August brings another opportunity to enjoy the growing and acclaimed Washington wine industry. At Lombardi’s, we’re celebrating with a wine event focused on the amazing variety and quality of Washington white wines. Summer is the perfect time for this focus as dining is lighter and so goes our wine drinking palate.
    Sure there are lots of perfectly great Chardonnays, but this event is focused on “ABC”, everything but chardonnay; Riesling – the grape that put WA State wines on the world map; Viognier – a dynamic wine with food; Sauvignon Blanc – to pair with Northwest seafood; Madeleine Angevine and Yakima Valley Riesling, a perfect summer blend of two German style grapes, and a rose of Sangiovese – not exactly a white varietal, but certainly one of the best grapes for the quintessential summer sip wine.
    You’ve probably noticed that I left off some pretty important varietals in the list above. That’s not because they aren’t worthy of our time and taste buds, but rather because I wanted a more narrow focus to give our guests something different to consider. The whites I’ve included are designed with food pairing as the primary focus, and I chose these particular wines  from the hundreds of wineries around the state, not from any one viniculture area or winemaker. It was a difficult choice because Washington is blessed with a vast number of wineries and styles. Washington wineries produces more than 30 wine grape varieties – of which approximately 50 percent are white. Did you know that there are 18,850 vineyard acres of white wine grapes statewide? Get out the wine glass!
    What could be better then a Summer Alfresco dinner by Lombardi’s Executive Chef Matt Romeo, paired with amazing white and rose wines from Washington. Ciao Bella!!
    Diane Symms
    Wine Aficionado & President/CEO 



    Posted by Kimberlea Miller on July 22, 2014
    How wonderful to celebrate our lovely Washington State Whites! I must say that we have some the best viognier in the world such as; Coyote Canyon, Facelli, Lauren Ashten! Way to go Diane! Have fun!
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